About Us

First of all, welcome to our shop! 

Landing & Co. is a place for dreamers and doers alike! We made the move to Northern Ontario to chase a dream, and to provide a place for others to chase theirs. When you shop with us, you are directly championing independent designers, artists, craftspeople, and makers across Canada – from coast to coast, places in between, and from our own backyard, right here in beautiful Richards Landing.

We believe in intentional living, considering that if we bring something positive and beautiful into our lives, there should be balance in that it has brought positivity and beauty to others lives. Everything in our shop has been carefully curated with this in mind, to ensure that all is a labour of love.

In addition, we have made every effort to ensure we make as little impact on the environment is possible. From our packaging and shipping materials, to how we heat and cool our space. Please note that if you ever receive plastic packaging in an order from us, it is always being reused, and is never new.

Thanks for being here, we really do appreciate you,

Sarah & Geoff